Information and price lists.

The Long Series is primarily mixed media on paper. Each piece is constrained to roughly 12×12 inches. Within the series the exploration of drawing, painting, collage, and unusual materials such as tape, objects, and found papers are exploited. The use of accident, contrivance, simulation, and collaboration with other artists and the public have also been utilized. The project explores the effects of a long-term project on the development of a personal iconography. Certain marks such as cross-hatching, stains, ink rings, decoration, and scribbling are intentionally carried throughout the series. Because of the length of the project, when a new mark or idea occurs it is often developed into a series within the series and explored to completion and then moved on from.

The goal of the project is to create 10,000 pieces in the series, and to date over 1400 have been completed. The works can be shown as single framed pieces, or as large unframed grids of paintings that can be pinned to a wall.

For more information about my work or purchasing a painting please contact me at,

Payment can be made by Paypal and cheque.


One thought on “Information and price lists.

  1. Stephen, your painting arrived safely – packing job was great. I loved the image online, but the real one I can hold in my hand is absolutely beautiful!! I wish I had a whole wall of this series. Thank you very much for sharing your work. Carla

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